Wednesday, 2 November 2011


One of the less popular issues is the area of pollution of our waters and land. We use billions of tons of plastic each year wastefully and then discard this as waste. The overall affect is inexcusable. Yet, in our quest for a more convenient world we are using more plastic today than ever before. This is largely ignored because we feel good about the convenience of these items or we enjoy the increased styling of our automobiles decked out in plastic trim. The wasteful use of our natural resources is ignored in favour of less tangible (and far less real issues) like the ozone layer or global climate change.

   The ability to see the acidity of rain is easy and real, yet we belch out sulphur dioxides into our air. We can see ever growing landfills, yet returnable bottles are troublesome. Nuclear power is a clean and extremely safe method of delivering power, yet we make silly (and non productive) alternative systems that provide a feel good approach to the problem.

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